Why Vectra

We provide the reliable way to detect hidden attacks and respond instantly to stop in-progress threats from becoming a data breach.

One that proactively hunts for evasive threats, augments your existing security investments, keeps
up with the changing threat landscape, and offers exceptional scale across
cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks.

“With Vectra’s early-detection capabilities, we have more
confidence in stopping cyberattackers before critical
infrastructure is damaged or valuable data is stolen.”

Jojo Maalouf

IT Security Manager, Hydro Ottawa

“Vectra saved the A&M System $7 million in a year and
we cut threat investigation times from several days to a
few minutes.”

Daniel Basile

Executive Director of the Security Operations Center The Texas A&M University System


Sophisticated cyberattackers constantly invent and reinvent more effective ways to mount their assaults.

Their evasive behaviors and the invisible footprints they
leave behind change with dizzying frequency. Traditional legacy security designed
to keep out attackers are blind to these ever-changing threat behaviors, giving
cybercriminals free rein to spy, spread and steal.

Mission: See and Stop Threats Before They Become Breaches

The world’s largest financial institutions, manufacturers, universities, energy, technology, software, and media companies plus federal agencies, service providers, educational institutions and healthcare organizations use Vectra cybersecurity solutions.

Our customers immediately detect and respond to cyberattacks in cloud, data center, IoT and enterprise with Vectra AI-driven  network detection. They increase efficiency up to 90% by automatically analyzing users, devices and their traffic, and prioritizing alerts.