User Manager Pro Suite

User Manager Pro Suite (UMPS) is a powerful security management tool that allows IT administrators to report on and make global changes to user credentials, groups, rights, registry settings, policies and more, simultaneously across the servers and workstations in the Windows network.

User Manager Pro Suite provides the following benefits:

Interactive Reporting

Need to see who is in the administrators group on every system? Want to find NTFS permissions where Everyone has been granted access? Having a problem and need to quickly locate which machines are recording the same error in their event log? User Manager Pro Suite’s Reporting Module provides all this and more.

User Manager Pro Suite is a Windows security management tool

Local Account and Group Management

Managing local accounts and groups is a critical part of running a secure environment, but visiting all your servers and workstations on a regular basis to verify and maintain proper configuration can be an impossible task. User Manager Pro manages local accounts and groups across hundreds or thousands of machines in a single action.

Automate Windows Management Tasks

Gain the granular control needed to manage complex IT infrastructures, discover what’s really occurring in your Windows environment and resolve security and systems management problems as they arise.

File Cratering

Need to stop a program from running on your Windows hosts now? Found a virus but don’t have an updated definition file from your anti-virus vendor? User Manager Pro’s patented File Cratering technology can save the day.

Administrator Password Management

At some point, you’ve got to realize that setting all your local administrator accounts to one common password is not good security. User Manager Pro Suite includes two products to make implementing proper password management easy.

Push and Run

Need to run a one-time or recurring program/script across many machines? With User Manager Pro’s Push and Run feature, you can.