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Unified Sign-On

Simpler Usability

Simplifies the sign-on process with a single source of access for your enterprises, via VPN, Cloud or locally hosted

Drives Productivity

Single efficient authentication portal saves users time so they can get straight to work on driving company growth

Cost Effective

Significantly reduces IT management costs and time on both maintenance and upgrades

Highly Secure

Easy to track usage and mark privileges of where and how credentials are used and create an audit trail.

Simpler authentication means increased efficiency

Productivity improvement as standard…

Single efficient authentication portal for all your applications. Users waste less time on authenticating in multiple instances and can get straight to work, whatever they need to access and help-desk time is saved also.

Gives an optimal user experience whilst enforcing strict security policies. Our unified access approach simplifies the sign-on process with a single source of access for your enterprise. Any attempt to access a VPN, Cloud or local application will cause the user to be automatically directed to the Unified Sign-on portal.

Benefit users & your business

Provides optimal user experience even whilst enforcing strict security policies. A risk profile can be built and applied to any user and service. The centralised control of the login page allows easy rollout of authentication.

Combined with our Intelligent Adaptive authentication, we provide a simple way to control how an application is accessed, and the type of authentication challenge to be applied using our various authentication factors.

Key benefits

  • Simplified, transparent user experience
  • Single efficient authentication drives productivity
  • Reduced help desk and maintenance costs
  • Single authentication portal
  • Adaptive log-in
  • Easy to manage and integrate

Significant savings on help-desk costs

At least 50% of help-desk calls, on average, are password related, speak to us about how Unified Access can save on your IT management time and money.


Using industry standard technologies, our Unified Sign-On portal, is able to take disparate services and solutions and centralise them onto a single portal page for users, simplifying work processes and increasing productivity.

Our Unified approach to access and authentication provides a single point for 3rd party vendors to integrate to Swivel. This reduces technical debt and overheads. Free your organisation from the reliance on multiple platforms and bespoke integrations by utilising our standards based portal.


  • SAML
  • ADFS
  • Swivel Secure API
  • IdP
  • VPN, Cloud, Hosted Services, VDI

Remain flexible and adapt easily to changing requirements or legislation

The world we work in is not fixed, our requirements and needs change and evolve. The unified portal gives a single place to challenge a user. If a particular service has a new requirement for 2FA, legislative or otherwise, the portal will enable that, without having to specifically integrate to the actual service or VPN directly

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