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Status – Healtcare HUB


STATUS is a solution for electronic medical records management and patient engagement, offering a better way to enable doctors and other medical services provider’s staff to interact with patients in a secure and friendly environment.

You no longer need to imagine an ecosystem of connected, engaged and healthier patients that have their entire healthcare information securely available anytime, anywhere, on their desktops, tables or smartphones.  Doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies around the globe are already using STATUS on a daily bases to treat more patients, get reimbursed faster and stay ahead of change.


STATUS is the best solution for patient – doctor’s relationship management centered on patient virtual medical file. Moreover, health service providers and insurance companies, which strive to continuously improve their services and increase customer base, are already using STATUS as a state of the art solutions for maintaining the mobility and accessibility of medical information.

  • Doctors and patients hub. Redefining the way healthcare providers work, collaborate on medical records and connect with their patients.
  • Digital healthcare. Designed to help your healthcare business to be successful in a changing digital healthcare world, to treat more patients, get reimbursed faster and stay ahead of change.
  • Electronic Medical Records governance and long-term preservation. A safe and secure location for storing medical data with excellent capabilities for long-term medical information storage (retention, digital shredding).
  • Connected healthcare. Patients are able to get lab results, medical images, visit records and prescription history from a growing list of health applications, imaging and labs devices and pharmacies apps.
  • Patient – centric healthcare. Quick and user friendly access to patients medical files and history, including family history components, both for patients and doctors.
  • Mobile healthcare, from Cloud. Powerful cloud-based technologies, on premise installation option and world-class services built to scale – on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Usage Scenarios.

Through STATUS we bring together doctors, patients, health services providers and insurance companies centered on patient medical records, historical data and collaboration for better healthcare services.

STATUS for Health Service Providers

  • Keep patients engaged regardless of their location;
  • Unlock the clinical and business value of medical data and attract more customers;
  • Get reimbursed faster and stay ahead of change. 

STATUS for Health Insurance

  • Customized insurance package based on their medical history;
  • Increase customer loyalty with real value services. 

STATUS for Patients

  • Securely store and share your medical information;
  • Give permanent feedback and make on-line appointments;
  • Access your health parameters and check their evolution over time from anywhere.


  • Unified Medical Records – complete patient medical profile and history, integrated with existing system such as HIS, LIMS, PACS.
  • Storing and organizing medical data from different sources;
  • Centralized enterprise-wide management of any type of clinical data;
  • Secure and advanced access to health information to the patient’s medical data by physicians and family members;
  • Patient specific emergency information available to hospitals and doctors;
  • Track the patient’s prescription, medication and evolution outside the clinic;
  • Strong capabilities for long-term and safe storage of medical data ingested from different sources;
  • Simple and effective tool for managing appointments including a built-in messaging and notification system;
  • Medical parameters – monitor the value and evolution of the patient’s medical parameters over time outside the clinic;
  • Collections – specific set of medical records created for secure and easy sharing with 3rd parties (family, friends, doctors for 2nd opinion);
  • Perspectives – different perspective views to display the medical information and parameters for each type of user (doctor, patient);
  • Advanced profiling capabilities when searching for Health Service Providers;
  • Front-office document scanning directly to STATUS;
  • Embedded viewer with thumbnails creation capabilities;
  • Insurance coverage and claims information;
  • Advanced functionalities for managing front desk activities and reports on staff performance and business efficiency.


STATUS is designed to take the interaction between patient and healthcare industry (doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies) to the next level. Every role inside our solution has been carefully design and developed by our experts using real-life scenarios and all the features are constantly updated based on the feedback received from our customers around the globe.

As a Patient you get a reliable place, always available online and always connected with you through mobile devices, to access your health status and define and track your medicationYou can update your medical profile, search for the best doctors, interact with them using a secured and user friendly interface and review the quality of medical services.

As a Doctor you get quick and user friendly access to patient’s health information and have the possibility to record information about your patient (photo, audio / text notes and video) even while you are consulting. Also, you can promote own work and receive feedback from patients.

As a Health Service Provider you can update your patient virtual medical file with laboratory test results, medical reports, imaging analysis data, etc. Also you have a great tool to provide claims related information directly to the Insurer and get an image of the medical system from the patient’s viewpoint.

As a Health Insurance Provider you can provide your customers with accurate information about their medical claims, customized insurance package based on their medical history and quickly process claims from health service providers for fast reimbursement. Moreover you can develop value added services to the customers in order to build loyalty and create new revenue streams.

We developed STATUS from the ground-up to leverage the true potential of a mobile healthcare application delivering world-class services built to scale – on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Using dedicated iOS and Android extensions, healthcare records are now available anytime from any device. Doctors, healthcare service providers and health insurance companies are now connected in real time, sharing information, offering second opinions and delivering better medical services, even without patient’s presence.

All medical records are in one place with secured access whenever needed using mobile devices!


Integrating mobile personal devices with the back end equipment, data in a secure information workplace has never been easier.


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