Next-gen security for mid-sized networks without the big-time price tag.



Defeating advanced threats requires an advanced firewall solution built for the needs of your business. The SonicWall Network Security appliance (NSa) Mid-Range Firewall is next-generation security designed specifically for businesses of 250 users and up. Work with the confidence of knowing you’re protected against the day-to-day incursions as well as against advanced threats like ransomware, attacks against non-standard ports, and breaches in firewalls, all at the speed of business.

With cloud-based and on-box capabilities like TLS/SSL decryption and inspection, application intelligence and control, secure SD-WAN, real-time visualization, and WLAN management, SonicWall provides flexible, fast and cost-effective security to keep the threats out and your business thriving.

Features & Benefits

  • Blocks More Attacks With RTDMI™

    Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™) proactively detects and blocks unknown malware via deep memory inspection in real time, a revolutionary approach to defend against zero-day and side-channel attacks and other unrecognized threats.

  • Secure Remote Workers

    SonicWall NetExtender provides an intuitive SSL-VPN connection client that’s easy to deploy and configure. Easily provide your remote workers with secure access to your corporate network from Linux, Mac and Windows devices.

  • Secure SD-WAN Technology

    Leave MPLS behind for a more agile, more secure and more cost-effective network optimized for today’s broadband-driven, cloud-infused landscape. Secure SD-WAN technology is built in to NSa firewalls, so there’s no need to purchase additional SD-WAN appliances and licenses.

  • Built-in Wireless Controller

    Implement high-speed wireless security by combining a NSa series next-generation firewall with a SonicWall SonicWave wireless access point. NSa series firewalls and SonicWave access points both feature 2.5 GbE ports that enable multi-gigabit wireless throughput offered in Wave 2 wireless technology.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

    Make a SonicWall NSa firewall the start of enterprise savings. From reduced costs through zero-touch deployment to enabling SD-WAN and delivering NetSecOPEN-verified threat block rates on par or better than competitors at a fraction of the cost, SonicWall NSa firewalls are security you can’t afford to be without.

  • Cloud-based & On-Premises Centralized Management

    Gain greater visibility into your enterprise even as it becomes more complex on- and off-prem. Tightly integrated into the SonicWall ecosystem, bring your firewalls into a single-pane-of-glass management, licensing, reporting and analytics

NSa 5650
  • Firewall Inspection Throughput6.25 Gbps
  • Application Inspection Throughput4.25 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput3.4 Gbps
  • Threat Prevention Throughput3.4 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput3.5 Gbps
NSa 6650
  • Firewall Inspection Throughput12.0 Gbps
  • Application Inspection Throughput6.0 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput6.0 Gbps
  • Threat Prevention Throughput5.5 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput6.0 Gbps
NSa 9250
  • Firewall Inspection Throughput12.0 Gbps
  • Application Inspection Throughput7.75 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput7.2 Gbps
  • Threat Prevention Throughput6.5 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput6.75 Gbps
  • Firewall Inspection Throughput1.9 Gbps
  • Application Inspection Throughput1.8 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput1.2 Gbps
  • Threat Prevention Throughput800 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput1.1 Gbps
TZ500/TZ500 W
  • Firewall Inspection Throughput1.4 Gbps
  • Application Inspection Throughput1.3 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput1.0 Gbps
  • Threat Prevention Throughput700 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput1.0 Gbps
TZ400/TZ400 W
  • Firewall Inspection Throughput1.3 Gbps
  • Application Inspection Throughput1.2 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput900 Mbps
  • Threat Prevention Throughput600 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput900 Mbps
NSa 9450
  • Firewall Inspection Throughput17.1 Gbps
  • Application Inspection Throughput10.8 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput10.2 Gbps
  • Threat Prevention Throughput9.0 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput10.0 Gbps
NSa 9650
  • Firewall Inspection Throughput17.1 Gbps
  • Application Inspection Throughput11.5 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput10.3 Gbps
  • Threat Prevention Throughput9.4 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput10.0 Gbps

Security Services & Management

SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS)
SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) integrates a wide range of network security services into a convenient, affordable package. AGSS is available as an add-on service for all physical and virtual SonicWall firewalls, including our NSsp, NSa, TZ and NSv Series to protect against the most advanced and unknown threats.

  • Complete network security solution that includes the multi-engine Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) cloud sandbox service with RTDMI
  • ICSA-certified gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware protection
  • Cutting-edge IPS technology
  • Application intelligence and control
  • Content filtering
  • 24×7 support with firmware updates and hardware replacement
SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service (Capture ATP)
Mitigate the risk of zero-day threats with SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) sandbox, a cloud-based service that detects and blocks unknown threats at the gateway until a verdict is rendered.

This service is the only advanced threat detection offering that combines multi-layer sandboxing, including SonicWall Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™), full system emulation and virtualization techniques, to analyze suspicious code behavior. This powerful combination detects more threats than single-engine sandbox solutions, which are compute-environment specific and susceptible to evasion.

Content Filtering Service (CFS)
SonicWall Content Filtering Service (CFS), running on SonicWall next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) is a powerful protection and productivity solution that delivers unequaled content filtering enforcement for educational institutions, businesses, libraries and government agencies. Using SonicWall CFS, organizations have control over the websites students, faculty and employees can access.

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