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SIEM/SOC Simulation

Cymulate’s SOC simulation helps you to test your SOC team awareness

A security operations center (SOC) normally monitors for incidents without managing the organization’s security resiliency. This means that SOC teams are built to be reactive, not to be proactive which would enable them to manage exposures before those can be exploited. But to adapt cyber defense to the current threat landscape, a proactive security approach is needed. The SOC team needs to continuously monitor the networks, hunt attackers and create strategic intelligence which implies dealing with multi-vector attacks.

With Cymulate’s platform, the SOC team can schedule automated assessments which can be conducted at any predefined time (e.g., every night, early in the morning, in the middle of the day etc.) and find vulnerabilities and gaps in the organization’s security framework, its multiple security solutions as well as security controls. In other words, it gives a comprehensive overview of the security posture of the organization since it shows the weak spots.

The reports show the current vulnerabilities, which allows the SOC team to take action and solve those issues before a real attacker can exploit them to attack the organization. The reports also make suggestions for mitigation to help the SOC team to solve each and every one detected vulnerability. Since the results of each assessment are presented in a KPI Cymulate Risk Score, the SOC team can also prioritize which issue to solve first.

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