SharePoint Permissions Management


Site Sheriff® controls access to SharePoint content by allowing a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios to empower focused audiences to collaborate without changing item permissions or adding complexity. Site Sheriff provides fine grained security using dynamic controls on user access and actions to help organizations and administrators gain control over SharePoint sites and increase ROI. One of a site administrator’s biggest challenges is who has access to what and who can see what is in SharePoint. They waste time and energy trying to balance how to maintain inheritance, while avoiding the continual proliferation of new sites in order to manage security and permissions. Even if security is well-configured, users can move or copy content to unsecured, unmanaged platforms like email and desktops, circumventing those controls.
Are you struggling to manage permissions on your SharePoint site(s)?
Are confidential or critical documents leaking out of SharePoint or being shared and distributed against policy?
Are you constrained by the limitations of SharePoint out-of-the-box permissions?
Are you continually creating new sites to fulfill user demands to collaborate?
Do you have concerns about the potential for security breaches when granting third parties access to SharePoint environments?