SCADAfence Platform Risk Reduction

Reducing OT Security Risks from Day 1

Continuously monitoring your OT network from day one, from creating an inventory early on, thorough ongoing risk assessment, and better planning of segmentation, enables constant risk reduction.

Continuous Network

Monitoring to

Reduce Risks

Traditional OT security projects start with an initial assessment of the environment, followed by architectural design and finally, implementation of monitoring, detection and response capabilities that are integrated into the existing security operations. The issue with this approach is that it continues to leave the network exposed to risks, such as external and internal threats and malware infections, for a significant amount of time. The process of analyzing and implementing security solutions can take many months, and when done without proper visibility into the network, it can make steps like network segmentation even harder. Early implementation of network monitoring solutions from day one significantly reduces the risk to the network and eases the assessment, design and implementation of the OT cyber security processes.

1 Enhance
Security Assessment

SCADAfence Platform can analyze the risk, by discovering the OT network inventory, identifying valuable communication patterns, and detecting security issues and risks. Finally, a detailed report of findings and remediation recommendations is generated. Automating this process reduces the manual work required and improves the accuracy of the results since the platform analyzes all relevant activities, instead of partial information.

2 Enable Efficient
Architecture Design

SCADAfence Platform’s visibility capabilities provide an accurate view into the network with an asset inventory and network map that help with the discovery and mapping of critical assets and areas, identification of attack vectors, and definition of security requirements. In addition, the platform provides insights into traffic patterns and application behavior, significantly improving design of segmentation and other projects.

3 Ongoing Risk

Ongoing monitoring of the OT network offers the user a clear picture of the security health of the network and provides alert notifications with remediation recommendations. The SCADAfence Platform reduces the risk of cyber attacks and minimizes the incident response time. The platform allows administrators and managers to constantly measure their critical risks and to analyze the efficiency of the actions they take to reduce the risks.

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