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Network Access Control

Over 90% of network attacks originate behind the corporate firewall. Network complexity, BYOD and the myriad of industry solutions complicates security.

SnoopWall’s patented NetSHIELD™ Appliance is a critical component of the security value chain, allowing you to secure your corporate network including physical, virtual and mobile assets. NetSHIELD controls network access and detects, alerts, blocks accidental, unintended, malicious access, and data exfiltration. This dramatically reduces the risk profile for your organisation.


  • Protect trusted assets
  • TLD blocking or C&C defence
  • Manage mobility and secure BYOD (optional)
  • Agentless network and device protection
  • Find and fix critical vulnerabilities
  • Manage internal risk
  • VLAN quarantining
  • SIEM integration
  • High availability
  • Detect and block rogue access
  • Block APTs, zero-day malware & remote access trojans
  • Dynamic VLAN assignment
  • Non-inline. Plug anywhere, discover everywhere
  • Automated regulatory compliance audits



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