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Critical IntraNet Security

Next Generation Network & Mobility Access Control

IntraNet Security – A Critical Component of The Security Value Chain

Market statistics highlight that over 95% of breaches result from internal threats. Address critical vulnerabilities that firewalls and antivirus solutions are not designed to solve.

Next Generation Network & Mobility Access Control.

  • Manage, block and quarantine internal threats
  • Identify critical vulnerabilities (CVEs)
  • Harden and manage trusted assets
  • Detect and block rogue & malicious devices
  • Audit and enforce compliance & regulatory requirements
  • Agentless and non-inline design – Plug anywhere, discover & secure everywhere.
  • Purpose built for management and administration simplicity




SnoopWall’s patented NetSHIELD scalable solutions allow you to control network access and detect, alert, block accidental, unintended, malicious access and data exfiltration


A Critical Component Of The Security Value Chain


NetSHIELD provides critical IntraNet security
that firewalls and antivirus are not designed to address.


Protect Trusted Assets
Simple to Manage & Deploy
Agentless & Non-inline. Plug Anywhere, Discover Everywhere
Manage Internal Risk
Detect & Block Malicious Access and Data Exfiltration
Find & Fix Critical Vulnerabilities(CVEs)
Block APTs, Zero Day Malware & Remote Access Trojans
VLAN Quarantining & Dynamic VLAN Assignment
Automated Regulatory Compliance Audits
SIEM Integration with Full Logging

Appliance Models

NetSHIELD Appliance Models NANO 25 & 100 Branch PRO Enterprise 10 Enterprise 100 Enterprise 250 Enterprise 1000
Setup Time 15 min 30 min <1 hr 1 – 2 hrs 2 – 4 hrs 4 – 8 hrs
Protected Assets 25/100 500 1000 1500 2000 10000
802.1q Tagged VLANs 15 30 45 75 105 200
RAM (GB) 2 4 6 8 16 32
Compliance Enforcement
Malware Blocking
MAC & IP Spoof Block
Auto Device Discovery & Inventory Alerting

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