Securely track the file creation, modification & deletion from an authorized / unauthorized access, with detailed forensics of security and permission changes to the documents in their files / folder structure and shares.
File Servers
With Windows File Server Auditing in a Microsoft Server Environment, securely monitor and view pre-configured reports / get instant email alerts for the modifications, document access, file/folder structure changes, shares and access permissions.

Access Permissions
Audit the security settings to know-it-all on your network shares in Windows. Keep track of every ‘file/folder, shares & permission’ modifications! Track the ‘discretionary’ and ‘SACL’ modifications with detailed new & original security descriptor values!

Failover Clusters
Audit and Monitor the Windows File Server Failover Clusters. Track user file server cluster share and access permissions. Also, Audit files share security along with the schedulable failover cluster reports and instant Email Alerts.

NetApp Filers
Auditing the NetApp Filer for Windows enables the administrators to track every Windows and NetApp Filer CIFS Files / Folders create, modify, delete, settings and permissions change. Track with pre-configured reports and email alerts at times of network security breach and on critical objects access.

EMC Servers
Audit the EMC (VNX/VNXe/Celerra) file shares with audit reports categorized by file, server, user, share based changes along with custom reporting, now document changes to files and folders; Monitor the access, shares & permissions. Export reports for security analysis and meet compliance audits.

All File Server Reports
View all the reports under the file server reports category. The reports help the administrators / auditors to audit and monitor the Windows file server security, access and modification events from every possible approach with numerous easy to understand graphical reports.
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