Immediate Threat Intelligence

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Deploy real threats constructed by Cymulate researchers to be launched in a contained and safe manner.


Pre-exploitation security controls and endpoint security protections against real threats.


Prioritize vulnerabilities exploited by immediate threats and optimize compensating controls.

Threat Intelligence-Led Testing

Every day, new payloads and attacks show up in the wild, orchestrated by known and unknown hostile entities, and while security leaders would like a clear and validated answer to every threat, their security team is unable to research and operationalize threat intelligence fast enough and/or are unable to test security control efficacy at a high enough pace.

Cymulate Immediate Threat Intelligence module replaces these manual processes by providing a prepackaged fully automated assessment of new threats, that are updated daily in the platform by Cymulate Labs researchers. Assessments includes the following:

Pre-exploitation attacks of the threat used to test email and web security controls.

Endpoint security threat samples detection/removal.

Indicators of compromise.

Vulnerabilities exploited by the threat and vulnerable assets, thru integrations with VA/VS systems.

Detection and mitigation guidance.

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