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Immediate Threat Alert Assessment

Cymulate’s immediate threat alert solution helps you to test your organization’s security posture against clear and present cyberthreats.

Every day, numerous new payloads and attacks are showing up in the wild orchestrated by known and unknown hostile entities. Organizations all over the world are vulnerable to these new threats that were just launched. The threat of a new zero day or old vulnerabilities that are being exploited to launch a large-scale attack, is a daily worry for CISOs, CIOs, risk managers and other security professionals tasked with safeguarding their organization’s security and reporting to their senior management.

These new attacks (such as GandCrab, Emotet, Lukitus, Meltdown and Spectre) could come in different forms, starting with a phishing email via e.g., a compromised website, which could eventually cause serious damages to an organization. That is why these professionals need to be sure that their cybersecurity framework holds up against such immediate threats.

Cymulate’s immediate threat alert solution is designed to inform and evaluate your organization’s security posture as quickly as possible against the latest real and immediate threats. The simulation is created by the Cymulate Research Team which catches and analyzes threats immediately after they were launched by cybercriminals and malicious hackers.

By running this simulation, you can validate within a short time if your organization would be vulnerable to these latest threats and take measures before such an attack will take place.

The assessment results are presented in an easy-to-understand comprehensive report. Mitigation recommendations are offered for each threat that has been discovered depending on the type of attack and phase it reached in its distribution method. This allows the organization to truly understand its security posture and take action to update and upgrade where necessary.

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