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Simulate full kill chain APT attack scenarios of known APT groups or create your own bespoke template-based scenarios.


Systematic weaknesses and security gaps across the full kill chain that expose your organization to APT attacks.


Security controls and processes to detect and mitigate APT attacks.

Full Kill-Chain APT

Are you Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Ready?

Cymulate makes it simple to validate your security framework and for you to continuously challenge, assess, and optimize the effectiveness of your IT controls in defending against real-world cyberattacks.

Testing Controls Across the Full Kill Chain:

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks attempt to bypass security controls across the cyber kill chain, from attack delivery to exploitation and post-exploitation, defending against an APT requires testing the effectiveness of multiple security controls within your arsenal. Since the efficacy of one control affects the exposure of the next control in the kill chain, ascertaining if your defenses work against a full-blown attack becomes a daunting proposition.

Cymulate’s Full Kill Chain APT Simulation Module solves the challenge of security effectiveness testing across the entire cyber kill chain. Instead of challenging each attack vector separately, organizations can now run a simulation of a full-scale APT attack with a click of a button, and gain a convenient, single-pane view of security gaps across their security stack

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