Fraud Prevention

Beat fraud and ensure seamless digital experience for your clients

Good user verification

Seamless user experience for legitimate clients

Behavioral biometrics

Building user profiles based on mouse, keyboard, mobile phone usage.

Account take over detection

Proactive real-time discovery of early signs of account takeover

Behavioral analysis

Patterns of legitimate and fraudulent behavior

Money Laundering detection

Cross-channel detection of money laundering and related activities

Device and environment analysis

Analysis of session events happening around the users and their devices

Fraud Intelligence

The understanding of what is happening, how fraudsters behave, which schemes they use and how to stop them

Malware detection

Accurate detection of various kinds of malware in both web and mobile channels

The use

Advanced Authentication

Improve user experience, cut the costs of additional authentication and preserve high level of security.

  • Risk-based authentication – eliminates additional authentication steps for legitimate users
  • Continuous authentication – on-going analysis of the session events
  • Account takeover detection – timely discovery of the usage of stolen credentials or signs non-human behavior

Automated Fraud Analytics

Real-time detection of sophisticated and industry-specific fraud cases

  • Global entity linking and mapping – finding intangible connections between users, devices and sessions
  • Rules setting – maintain control over the level and the volume of session events analyzed and incidents generated
  • Extra layer of knowledge – session events and detailed incidents feeding internal fraud monitoring solutions with the data necessary for accurate and timely detection

Fraud Prevention Technologies – How do they work?

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention unites advanced technologies based on machine learning for proactive real-time fraud detection. Learn how our technologies work and how they enhance your security and monitoring solutions, allowing you to concentrate on your business and your customers.

The Risk

Growing digital channels means being open to the users, providing them with access to the services they need anytime and anywhere. But with opportunuties comes responsibility: business needs to ensure seamless user experience to legitimate clients, provide appropriate level of security together with the ability to react in case fraudulent activity takes place. Digital transformation brings several risks:

Account takeover

Money laundering and money mule services

Web-injects and mobile malware

Missing the attack incubation stage

New account fraud

Bots and remote administration tools

Higher fraud level – risk of regulatory fines

Emerging complexity of attacks