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ERA is a software solution for Digital Mailroom, Electronic Registry and Correspondence Management that transforms your mailroom from a cost center and a continuously source of bottlenecks into a strategic asset, generating real value for your company.

Using advanced functionalities for registration, scanning, data extraction and automatic document routing, ERA enables identification and extraction of valuable content from business correspondence received either on paper or electronic format and facilitates the distribution to the right individuals and business workflows.


ERA enables organizations to register, track and use information from business correspondence in work processes, improves decision-making process leveraging real-time access to the right information in order to increase operational efficiency and profitability.

  • Registration of documents retrieved by scanning or importing files;
  • Registration and assignment of an unique number based on a dedicated inbound/outbound registry;
  • Automatic barcodes generation;
  • Identification of scanned documents and their classification leveraging barcode recognition (BCR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionalities;
  • Document routing to authorized users inside or outside the organization;
  • “Inbox” functionality for managing the documents distributed by authorized users ;
  • Viewing attributes (metadata) and content of the documents;
  • Modifying, versioning and linking related documents;
  • Actions available at the document level: routing, completion, rejection, withdrawal;
  • Notifications by email in relation with the deadlines of documents received and modified;
  • Integration with Office suite of tools and support for creating templates of documents;
  • Definition of global roles based on user business role within the organization;
  • Assign resolutions to documents received or sent via the business workflows;
  • Simple and advanced search using predefined filters or rules created on the spot;
  • Advanced functionality for viewing documents by organizing them into a tree structure;
  • Specific flows for routing and approval of business documents;
  • Control and visibility of information based on roles defined at the application level;
  • Audit for the actions at the document level;
  • Comprehensive set of specific reports;
  • Graphical representations of the reports;
  • Easy integration through web services with external systems (ERP, CRM, other business applications);
  • Integration with SEAL – advanced system for hybrid archive management (electronic and paper);
  • Minimizing the amount of paper used within organizations, as well as significantly reduce the costs of photocopying documents;
  • Eliminating the risk of losing documents or erroneous classification by their centralized registering and unified records management throughout the entire document’s life;
  • Optimizing the time for the document processing and routing by ensuring the right conditions for fast information processing: automatic distribution and notification tools and easy actions on the document;
  • Reduced time for information retrieval,  reducing the volume of photocopies within organization;
  • Powerful decision support by easy access to information in context;
  • Complete visibility of the organization’s processes by providing detailed information on the status of documents and their route within the organization;
  • Easy and secure access to product features and documents managed within the solution leveraging a completely auditable IT environment.
  • Gain unrestricted view over the entire set of organizational processes.


  • Document registrationunique number accross the entrire organization
    • Registration with uploaded attachment
    • Initial registration without content and later attaching by scanning
  • Inbound/outbound/internal documents distribution to authorized users
  • Documents traceability using barcodes
  • Tracking distribution workflows, historical data and document flows inside institution
  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy collaboration towards common objectives
  • Improved efficiency of business processes through automated notifications tools and the allocation of tasks (resolutions, comments)
  • Complete picture of the business process
  • Strong decisional support
  • Rapid integration of various data into business processes
  • Reduced storage costs, minimize paper use
  • Audit and monitor of activities
  • Data security and controlled access to data
  • Compliance with legal requirements or internal regulations of the company



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