Enterprise Random Password Manager

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is an adaptive privilege management platform that protects organizations against malicious insiders, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated cyber attacks. It ensures that powerful privileged identities are only available to audited users on a temporary, delegated basis – preventing unauthorized and anonymous access to systems with sensitive data.

ERPM secures privileged identities throughout your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Super-user login accounts utilized by individuals to change configuration settings, run programs and perform other IT administrative duties.
  • Service accounts that require privileged login IDs and passwords to run.
  • Application-to-application passwords used by web services, line-of-business applications and custom software to connect to databases, middleware and more.

As this privilege management solution continuously tracks privileged accounts on your cross-platform network, it automatically provides each account with unique and frequently changing credentials.

With ERPM, each privileged password and SSH key in the enterprise can be updated as frequently as necessary, even every couple of hours – effectively negating zero day attacks. Shared and static credentials are eliminated. Even if an intruder compromises a credential, it cannot be used to move laterally within the IT environment and anonymously access critical systems.

The key to stopping cyber attacks that penetrate the network perimeter, is ERPM’s ability to automatically find and eliminate privileged account security threats in real-time, before attackers can exploit them.

The Privilege Management Platform

ERPM bundles the following modules into one comprehensive privilege management platform:

Privileged Identity Management

ERPM’s privileged identity management functionality discovers where privileged accounts are used, secures these accounts, and propagates credentials changes to each required location on your network. With ERPM, you know precisely who had access to each privileged account, when, and for what stated purpose.

Privileged Access Management

ERPM’s privileged access management module gives your authorized users quick access to corporate applications – on-premises or in the cloud. Elevated operations performed by users can be automatically recorded and audited. The credentials are time-limited and are not disclosed to users, so there are no password secrets retained for future access.

SSH Key Management

With ERPM you can discover, correlate, rotate and securely store SSH keys. You’ll maintain the security of your IT  infrastructure with enterprise-level SSH key management.

Session Recording

ERPM lets you configure automatic session recording for the systems and applications you choose. Auditors can search and play back recorded sessions.

Application-to-Application Password Management

ERPM continuously secures embedded passwords in web application tiers, packaged software programs, line-of-business applications and more. You can quickly replace vulnerable default passwords with secure credentials.

Service Account Management

Service and process accounts can be almost impossible to find and secure manually. ERPM automatically discovers where service accounts are in use on the network. It then changes service account passwords every place they’re referenced so that you can avoid service disruptions and lockouts.

Visualization and Dashboards

ERPM provides preconfigured reports to verify regulatory compliance, along with real-time, interactive dashboards that let you drill down to underlying activity reports. You’ll get the granular details you need to ensure that security and compliance goals are met, and gain business intelligence to assist with IT operations.