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Endpoint Detection & Response

Use Case: Endpoint Detection & Response

Increased complexity and frequency of advanced attacks elevate the need for enterprise-scale response, wide investigations and a rapid forensic process. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools help organizations speedily investigate security incidents and detect malicious activities.

Rapid Deployment, Full Visibility

The Cynet 360 Advanced Threat Detection and Response platform can be deployed across thousands of endpoints in under 2-hours. The ideal solution for Endpoint Detection and Response applications, the platform provides visibility throughout the organization, to endpoints, servers and the network.

Precise Detection of Threats on the Endpoint:

With continuous monitoring of endpoints for behavioral and interaction indicators, in-memory attacks and suspicious network communications, Cynet takes the unique approach of thinking like an adversary. Cynet sees threat indicators where threat adversaries try to slip in, giving a complete picture of an attack operation and actionable intelligence to detect, deny, and respond before they can do damage.

Threat Hunting & Validation

Cynet is also used for searching and reviewing historic and current incident data on endpoints, investigating and validating alerts and responding to confirmed threats. The Cynet platform:

  • Provides the full picture and chain of events of an attack
  • Enables quick investigation, triage, response and remediation
  • Reduces dwell-time of threats

Automatic & Manual Remediation:

Because of its access to the endpoint, automatic or manual remediation can be done to stop malicious activity, providing enterprise security teams a powerful yet simple way to detect, disrupt and respond to advanced threats before they can do damage.

Cynet is here to make things less scary!!!
We stopped WannaCry, we stopped Petya/NotPetya and we stopped BadRabbit. 

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Cynet 360 gives full visibility for your infrastructure!
 (EDR for Files, Hosts with Network & User Behavior Analytics)
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