DivvyCloud helps you change the world by empowering you to gain the freedom to innovate using cloud services without the resulting chaos and risk.

Experience the freedom to innovate securely


DivvyCloud was designed to provide unified visibility across multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform which is important for enterprise customers. Competitive offerings are often focused solely on AWS.


DivvyCloud has automation capabilities built directly into their platform which makes it accessible and actionable. For security operations to be successful, automation is critical so that teams can drive processes like ticket logging, third party orchestrations, and reconfiguration of cloud services on the fly.


DivvyCloud is flexible and adaptable to meet customer needs. The platform features an open data model, the ability to write filters that can drive policies, and a RESTful API. When you combine these three things you have the ability to scope easily, and the freedom to innovate without loss of control.

Key Features

Continuous security and compliance for your multi-cloud environment allows you to accelerate innovation without loss of control

  • Unified Visibility And Monitoring
  • Automation and Real-time Remediation
  • Risk Assessment and Auditing
  • Govern Cloud Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Posture Management
  • Extensible Platform
  • Infrastructure as Code Security

Data Breach Protection

Consumer privacy (or the lack thereof) is a huge societal concern and the focus on protecting privacy is manifesting itself through many forms, including regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act and General Data Protection Regulation.


Identity and Access Management

Organizations are adopting cloud and container services at scale in order to accelerate innovation. In this new era, Identify Access Management (IAM) becomes core to their ability to make cloud and container services secure and compliant. This has led to the rise of the saying “identity is the new perimeter.” 


Threat Protection

When using cloud services, it’s common to be overwhelmed with what to do with the large volume of threat signals you receive from a heterogeneous set of sources. Without being able to decipher the signals from noise, it’s difficult to identify true risk and act on it in a timely fashion.   


Applying Policy Consistently

The use of cloud and container services delivers unparalleled ability to bring new products and services to the market rapidly and with great flexibility to meet demand. This agility is often reliant on providing self-service access to developers, which, if not approached properly, can create a loss of control. 


Preventing Misconfigurations

Misconfiguration of cloud services is the number one reason for security and compliance risk. When using cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, Serverless, FaaS, and CaaS), security is a shared responsibility between you and the cloud service provider (CSP).   


Enable Full Visibility and Transparency

Enterprises are using cloud to drive innovation and digital transformation. However, most security and operations professionals continue to lack visibility into the cloud services being used. DivvyCloud by Rapid7 provides the ability to continuously monitor the state of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, and Kubernetes (EKS, AKS, and GKE).