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Data Exfiltration Assessment

Cymulate’s data exfiltration solution tests the control of your outbound critical data before your sensitive information is exposed

Organizations are forced to comply with an increasing number of laws and regulations designed to better safeguard their data, which puts the responsibility on them to fully safeguard their data. Apart from the compliance issue, data breaches also create huge financial impact on a victim company’s reputation. Data Loss Prevention products are designed to protect against data exfiltration. Organizations depend almost entirely on DLP implementation, methodology and configuration to protect their precious data.

The data exfiltration assessment is designed to evaluate how well your Data Loss Prevention solutions and controls prevent any extraction of critical information from outside the organization. The platform tests the outbound flows of data (such as personally identifiable (PII), medical, financial and confidential business information) to validate that those information assets stay indoors.

The assessment results are presented in a comprehensive report in an easy-to-understand format. This allows the organization to understand its DLP vulnerability and take action to update and upgrade where necessary. Mitigation recommendations are offered for each threat that has been discovered depending on the type of attack and phase it reached in its distribution method.

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