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Engineered to Simplify Security

Cynet is a leader in advanced threat detection and response. Cynet 360 simplifies security by providing a scalable, easily deployable protection platform that delivers prevention, precise detection and automated response to advanced threats with near-zero false positives, shortening the time from detection to resolution and limiting damage to an organization.

Cynet’s unique visibility of files, users, network traffic, and endpoints, and continuous monitoring of the environment, uncovers behavioral and interaction indicators across the attack chain, giving a complete picture an attack operation over time.

Cynet is enhanced by Cynet CyOps, which delivers additional value to the platform with 24/7 threat expert assistance, insight and intelligence. By combining high fidelity detection, decoy interactions, network analytics, and expert analyst assistance, Cynet provides accurate findings with associated risks without a lot of complexity and noise, so security teams can prioritize and respond to what matters.

We challenge the common misperception that cybersecurity has to be complicated

Cynet’s radical approach simplifies and converges cyber defense so organizations can quickly and easily handle cyber-attacks and keep focus on what they do best – their business. The Cynet platform defends organizations with the cloud-generation in cybersecurity – giving them the ability to instantly identify, block and respond to all types of attacks without the heavy burden of deep cyber expertise, the overhead of multiple products and the complexity of managing a fast-evolving threatscape.

Cynet is here to make things less scary!!!
We stopped WannaCry, we stopped Petya/NotPetya and we stopped BadRabbit. 

Do you have a ransomware incident & response plan?
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Cynet 360 gives full visibility for your infrastructure!
 (EDR for Files, Hosts with Network & User Behavior Analytics)
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