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Cymulate is a SaaS-based cyber-attack simulation company that delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive security solutions to
safeguard business-critical digital assets. Cymulate’s unique breach and attack simulation platform assesses the security preparedness of customer’s systems. By exposing hidden vulnerabilities and offering actionable insights, Cymulate helps identifies and resolves security gaps before it is too late.

Cymulate was founded by an elite team of former IDF intelligence officers frustrated by the time and resource inefficiencies they experienced while conducting offensive cyber security operations. Combining vast expertise in cyber simulation technology with extensive field experience to mimic the latest and most sophisticated cyber-attacks, Cymulate employ sophisticated software-as-a-service applications to simulate the myriad tactics and strategies employed by hackers to attack network security infrastructures.


Putting Cyber Security to the Test

Organizations invest billions of dollars on security solutions to protect their data, block malware and safeguard critical business processes. Yet most companies are still vulnerable in the face of the latest cyber-attacks and breaches. Cyber security testing is supposed to provide the solution. However, the current industry model is too time consuming, inefficient, and incomplete to be effective. It has failed the test.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Hackers

Unlike traditional defensive solutions, Cymulate works by conducting cyber-attack simulations that mimic how hackers go about compromising a security system. Comprehensive and powerful cyber simulations allow you to assess the readiness of your network infrastructure to mitigate breach attempts, enabling you to take precise, proactive steps to eliminate damage from a breach.

Comprehensive, Multi-Vector Cyber Security Validation - OnDemand

Our ground-breaking Simulation as a Service Platform can activate a full cyber-security simulation any time of day, providing you with a full situational report on demand. The reports are pragmatic, easy to understand, yet comprehensive:
• Executive Summary for Management / Board of Directors
• Technical Report that details security gaps and how to mitigate them, perfect weapons for the security team
Reports can be delivered in any language.

Comprehensive, Multi-Vector Cyber Security Validation - OnDemand

Cymulate’s cyber-simulation platform allows you to test your security assumptions, identify security gaps and obtain actionable insights to improve your security posture. It works by simulating a multi-vector, internal or external attack which includes the very latest vulnerabilities derived from Cymulate’s leading Cyber Research unit. The result is a comprehensive validation of your organization’s current security situation, delivered exactly when you need it.

Time for a New Paradigm

Cymulate changes the rules of cyber-security testing. Through its ultra-smart, digital simulation platform, Cymulate enables CISOs to gain a complete understanding of their cyber-security posture and threat preparedness – on demand, anywhere, anytime.

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