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Enterprise Backup & DR for Hybrid Cloud

The Actifio data virtualization platform delivers Enterprise Data-as-a-Service across hybrid cloud infrastructures to support key enterprise resiliency use cases, including data protection, backup, disaster recovery, and long-term data retention or vaulting – whether your applications run and are to be protected on-prem, or in a public or private cloud. Additionally, Actifio helps some of the largest MSPs in the world deliver resiliency services in their clouds from our single data virtualization platform to thousands of businesses worldwide.

Protect data, replicate it anywhere, access it anywhere, and get tunable Recovery Point Objectives from 1-24 hours, Recovery Time Objectives in minutes, and Retention periods from days to decades. Plus manage it all with simple SLA-based policies.

Entprise Data protection

Enterprise Data Protection

Rapid Recovery with Snapshots & Backup

Enterprise Disaster Recovery

Enabling Business Continuity Across Data Centers & Clouds

MSP Resiliency Services

MSP Resiliency Services

Deliver DRaaS & Backup with Lower Costs & Better SLAs


Business Impact

Reduce application down time

Reduce application down time impact on business

Leverage private, public, hybrid cloud

Leverage private, public, hybrid cloud for speed & flexibility

Reduce total cost of ownership

Reduce total cost of ownership

Reduce operational burden

Reduce operational burden


Across a hybrid cloud environment, Actifio lets you…


The Actifio Data Virtualization Platform Captures application-consistent data from hosts in the cloud or on-prem, in an incremental-forever fashion, at the block level in native format, according to SLAs set by the admin, and creates a golden master copy. The system also automatically synthesizes virtual full copies from the golden copy plus incremental changes, so that point-in-time images are ready for use at any time

Actifio manages the lifecycle of that application data according to its SLA. That SLA defines how often to capture incremental changes from production, where to store the data, when to deduplicate it, when and how to replicate it, when it is to be masked and encrypted for security purposes, who can access it, and how long it is to be retained

Actifio lets you use that data to keep your business safe, however you need to. Whether that means rapid on-site recovery – even of a 100 TB database, or disaster recovery of a massive VMware environments in MSP Cloud like Sungard AS, for root cause analysis of a production bug – in Azure, to recover from a malware attack or corruption in Oracle Cloud, to prove compliance with off-site backup requirements in AWS or decade-long retention policies in Google Cloud, or to migrate between storage systems, application versions or to IBM Bluemix.


Beyond the core value of the Virtual Data Pipeline technology, there are a number of key features that enable Actifio to deliver remarkable improvements in business resiliency.










  • SLA-based management that is customizable and intuitive
  • Change block tracking for Oracle databases, Microsoft
    SQL Server, VMware vSphere/ESXi, Linux file systems
    and database applications, Exchange server, Windows
    file systems, Hyper-V, etc.
  • Snapshots – integrated with host layer (OS, hypervisor, applications, databases, file system, etc.) for consistency and change block tracking
  • High fidelity point-in-time backup images
  • Instant Mount to present synthetic full images rapidly to hosts, eliminating the need to copy from backup for recoveries
  • Global Deduplication to eliminate unnecessary movement and retention of non-unique blocks, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements.
  • Long-term retention for compliance with easy access & automatic expiration, on dedup or object storage
  • Resiliency Director for disaster recovery orchestration and automatic DR testing
  • Replication: 4 flexible replication options to meet
    your RPO, RTO and Retention needs, all enabled with
    encryption for security and compression for efficient
    data transport

    • StreamSnap: Low-RPO replication supporting DR and test/dev refresh use cases
    • Dedup Async Replication: Low-bandwidth replication with automatic rehydration of data for lower RTOs
    • Dedup Backup Replication: Low-bandwidth replication that stores data in a space-efficient dedup format at the target site
    • OnVault: Replication directly to cost-effective Object Storage platforms in the cloud (S3, Azure, Blob or Google Cloud Platform, or on-premises systems via S3 or S3-like APIs, for long-term retention – with the ability to mount data instantly.


“Our exchange administrators were blown away the first time we actually had to recover a database for a production problem. What would have taken many, many hours to recover took just minutes. And everybody was just thrilled with it.”

Joe Butwell, NASDAQ Senior Storage Manager

“The biggest backup and data protection pain points for enterprise IT leaders are, first, cost, second, keeping pace with the capacity of data to protect, and third, reducing backup and recovery times. Actifio’s enterprise-class data virtualization platform is able to address these pains by saving companies money through infrastructure and tool consolidation, delivering instant mounts for data access and shrinking non-production data growth with virtual data copies.”

Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group


Slow Cloud Adoption – Difficulty using cloud effectively for backup & DR – old tools don’t work, SLAs can’t be met A single data platform to work across data centers and clouds (AWS, Azure, Oracle, IBM BlueMix, and Google) that delivers instant recoveries and minimal backup windows, regardless of location.
Long Backup Windows – Especially for large databases impact production applications and break SLAs Incremental forever backup, even for multi-TB databases in both VMs and physical servers delivers drastically shorter backup windows, reducing business risk.
Slow Recoveries – Notably for big, critical databases or large groups of VMs. Instant recovery for any application type, including large databases, dozens of VMs, or physical servers, by mounting applications from Actifio’s Snapshot Pool – even in public clouds.
Disaster Recovery Challenges – High RTOs, manual processes, lack of testing or assurance Actifio Resiliency Director enables customers to achieve 1- click orchestrated disaster recovery on top of Actifio replication, which can also be tested automatically without staff.
Multiple RPOs – Need multiple point tools to cover tiered recovery need, driving up cost and complexity The equivalent of an RPO ‘dial’, so enterprises can can flex from a 1-hour RPO with StreamSnap replication, up to 24 hours with Dedup Replication, for different applications, from a single platform.
VLDB Protection – Backup, Replication and Recovery of large databases (5-100 TB+) takes too long or is impossible with current tools Actifio incremental-forever backup with StreamSnap replication and instant mount capabilities shrinks backup and replication windows, and enables real DR testing for databases, even those over 100 TB in size.
Too Many Point Tools – For data protection and DR functions, many IT teams are burdened by array snapshots, array, host, application & cloud replication, backup for VMs, backup for databases, deduplication software & appliances, etc. Consistent management of data protection and disaster recovery functions and SLAs for enterprise applications – from a single console, Actifio Global Manager – whether the applications are on-premises, or in a public, private or hybrid cloud.
Tape Trouble – Low confidence in tape backup for long term data retention and data access Actifio OnVault replicates data for cost-effective long-term retention on object storage in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and on-premises object storage systems such as IBM (Cleversafe). OnVault also provides extremely fast restores using instant mount from object storage, because data is stored in its native format (not a proprietary backup format).

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