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Arcon Secure Configuration Management


Enterprise vulnerability assessment, risk management and compliance verification are a big challenge for IT managers in an era of rapidly changing enterprise IT infrastructure. With global workforce and trends like social integration and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) enterprise IT infrastructure is in constant flux. In the maze of ever growing users and types of devices and technologies understanding security risk on the enterprise network is critical for comprehensive IT risk management.

Information Technology has percolated down all the layers of modern businesses and is the driving force behind success and growth of businesses. Thus risks and vulnerabilities to the information assets of the organization need effective addressing in a timely manner. The scale of today’s enterprise IT infrastructure demand sophisticated toolset to address security risk and regulatory compliance needs of the organizations.

ARSIM – a risk, security and Information Management tool – is used for automated risk assessment and analysis. It enables a central repository of all IT risks and associated controls, automates information flow for risk assessments, provides aides for initiating necessary actions. These features ensure timely and efficient mitigation of risks. ARSIM Framework includes robust and scalable architecture, that is highly customizable, provides web and windows based user interfaces. It’s powerful connectors and agents work across technologies with several servers and databases.

Key Features


  • IT Risk

  • Policy Compliance

  • Risk Review

  • Risk Review

  • Exception Management

  • File Integrity Management

  • Baseline

  • Live Dashboard

Product Architecture

ARSIM’s strategy is aimed at taking proactive measures in reducing vulnerabilities by providing a layered architecture of defence. It helps plugging in vulnerabilities which can exist in IT systems, policies and standards and can allow threats to compromise a system.

This mechanism presents unique obstacles to the adversary and is embedded with both protection and detection measures. Thus, the adversary faces an increased risk of detection as well as makes penetrations difficult. We call this the “Defense In Dept”.

The tool identifies vulnerabilities and assesses risks at the operating system, database and web servers.

Product Benefits

1)  A Single View of technical controls and security posture of all assets within an organization.

2) Technology landscape is dynamic and it is difficult to use scripting tools to provide assurance on technical controls. ARSIM is a real-time automated solution that helps in risk assessment on a continuous basis.

3) Technical controls keep evolving with advent of new advanced threats as well as technology innovations. ARSIM has a flexible framework which helps it to scale horizontally as well as vertically.

4) Vulnerabilities are identified in real time thereby improving the visibility of threat perception and risk mitigation.

5) Flexible workflow ensures all vulnerabilities receive due attention and all exceptions are documented with target mitigation dates. “Eyes always On”

6) High Productivity, High Visibility and Comprehensive Coverage. A must for IT Governance Function.Further a flexible policy configuration framework helps in incorporating new technical controls with ease.

7) One tap inventory viz: assets, anti-virus and security patches.

8) Minimizes Financial and Reputation Risk

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